The holiday program of a Viessmann heating system

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Viessmann boilers come with a wide range of factory default settings. They enhance operating convenience, enabling any changes to be performed on the heat generator in just a few simple steps. The default settings also help to save energy and thus reduce heating costs. In addition to the heating curve, there are also various time programs. These include an economy mode and a holiday program.

The holiday program can only be accessed as a "time program" via the heating controller. Those who live in rented accommodation or otherwise do not have access to the heat generator cannot make any changes to the holiday program. 

The holiday program in detail

System owners, on the other hand, can use the program to enter arrival and departure dates for each individual heating circuit. This means that they can actively influence the heating characteristics of the heat generator. The holiday program of a Viessmann heating system specifically affects central heating, DHW heating, heating output and energy consumption:

Central heating:

  • For heating circuits in the "Heating and DHW" operating program, the holiday program heats the rooms to the set reduced room temperature.
  • For heating circuits in the "DHW only" operating program, there is no room heating. However, frost protection for the boiler and the DHW cylinder is active.

DHW heating:

  • If holiday mode is activated for all heating circuits, there is no DHW heating. However, frost protection for the DHW cylinder is active.

Please note: In the factory settings, the holiday program starts at 00:00 h on the day following your departure and ends at 00:00 h on the day of your return. This means that the set time program is active on the day of departure and return. The time can also be set individually on some models. To end the program manually, please follow the instructions.

The holiday program reduces the heating output

When the holiday program is activated, the system maintains a lower set room temperature. It only heats to a previously set reduced room temperature. This temperature should not fall below 16 degrees Celsius, otherwise there is an increased risk of mould forming. You can read up in our guide to preventing mould on how you can minimise this risk.

The holiday program helps to save energy

The holiday program feature of a Viessmann heating system gives system owners the opportunity to save energy during their absence by only heating as much as is necessary. Contrary to what the name suggests, the program is not intended solely for use during "multi-week holidays" in the traditional sense. If system owners know they are going to be away – even just for a few days – they can activate the holiday program and so save on heating costs.

How to activate the holiday program

The time program and the associated holiday program feature on all Viessmann boilers with Vitotronic control units (from 1999). However, the navigation route from the main menu to this function can vary depending on the heating system and year of manufacture. The correct procedure is described in the operating instructions provided or alternatively can be found in the service instructions. For a better understanding of the process, the instructions for four different heat generators are shown below. This includes:

  • Vitodens 200 W with Vitotronic 200, for weather-compensated operation, year of manufacture 2018
  • Vitoladens 300 C with Vitotronic 200, year of manufacture 2018
  • Vitocal 200 S with Vitotronic 200, year of manufacture 2017
  • Vitoligno 300 C with Ecotronic, year of manufacture 2017
  1. Click on the menu icon and then on "Heating"
  2. Now select the required heating circuit.
  3. Click OK to confirm.
  4. "Holiday program" now appears on the display.
  5. Set the required departure and return date using the arrows.
  6. Click OK to activate the holiday program.

Vitodens 200-W product info

  1. Proceed as for the Vitodens 200-W and click on the menu icon.
  2. Select "Heating" and then "Holiday program".
  3. You are now in the holiday program. Set the required departure and return dates.
  4.  Click OK to activate the holiday program.

Vitoladens 300-C product info

Please note: The holiday program applies to all heating/cooling circuits. Your contractor can change this factory setting. If a ventilation unit is connected to the heat pump control unit, the holiday program also applies to the mechanical ventilation.

  1. Click on the menu icon.
  2. Select "Heating" or heating/cooling and then "Holiday program".
  3. Set the required departure and return dates.
  4. Click OK to activate the holiday program.

Display in the extended menu

In the extended menu, you can check the settings for the "Holiday program" under "Information". The same goes for the Vitodens 200-W and the Vitoladens 300-C.

Vitocal 200-S product info

  1. Click on the bar icon to go to the Advanced menu.
  2. Use the arrows to select the "Heating" area and confirm with "OK".
  3. To select the required heating circuits (HC1 or HC2), move the horizontal arrows to the left or right.
  4. Then select the "Holiday program" for the relevant heating circuit and confirm with "OK".
  5. You can now set the date for your departure and return day.
  6. If you wish to cancel the settings for the holiday program prematurely, press the button with the curved arrow repeatedly until the default display appears.
  7. If you wish to accept the set data, confirm with "OK".
  8. "Applied" appears briefly on the display.

Vitoligno 300-C product info

Your heating contractor can help with the settings

If you are unsure about how to set the required holiday program, please consult a Viessmann trade partner. With our local trade partner search, you can find a suitable heating engineer near you with just a few clicks. Alternatively, you can ask the Viessmann Community.